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The best GP Jobs in Australia that are suitable for GPs with MRCGP & MICGP (as of November 2021)

Australia's borders are opening up and life is moving towards a 'new normal'.  The shortage of GPs has become more acute, as the flow of GPs to Australia has slowed due to the pandemic and Australian policy changes in 2019.  However there are currently some amazing jobs that allow for a good work/life balance while offering great earning potential.

Working in Australia as a GP - FAQs

How long will it take to get registration for Australia? On average around 9-12 months.  Once you arrive it may also take a few weeks to get your Medicare provider number.


Can I get a visa and what is a health workforce certificate (HWC)?  To get a visa, your job must qualify for a HWC.  There are very few of these near metropolitan areas.  However, all of these vacancies will qualify for HWC, providing access to a 482 visa, with good access to major cities.


Do I need to work in a DPA/DWS?  Yes you need to work in a DPA (previously known as a DWS) for your first 10 years in Australia.  All of these vacancies are in DPA areas.


Can I travel into/out of Australia freely given the Covid situation? Yes you are now able to travel in and out of Sydney and Melbourne.  Queensland, Canberra, South Australia will open up in the coming months. It is not yet known when Western Australia will become fully accessible, however travel exemptions are possible for GPs.


How long will be employment contract be for?  Typically contracts are for 18-24 months

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Pay details


Rates of pay will vary between 65-70% of billings for all of these vacancies -  which should see you earning $A300,000 if working full-time

Relocation payments can be negotiated for some jobs, particularly for a 2 year contract

A minimum guarantee around $A120-150 an hour can sometimes be negotiated 

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Top 6 GP Jobs locations in Australia

All of these locations have DPA/DWS status, and qualify for a HWC enabling you to access a 482 temporary resident visa.  They also meet the RACGP PEP requirements, so you will qualify for FRACGP after 6+ months working in Australia. 

There are many other DPA locations in regional areas (which we can discuss with you) however these are the best locations for proximity to major cities.  

Central Coast - 1.5hrs from Sydney. This area offers a relaxed lifestyle with great train and road access to Sydney. Housing costs are more affordable than Sydney making it a popular area. The population is over 300,000.

Geelong - 1 hr from Melbourne CBD. Geelong is a growing seaside city on the outskirts of Melbourne with a population around 250,000. The surrounding area has grown exentively over the last 10 years and boast great access to the Surf Coast and the Great Ocean Road

Macedon Ranges - 1 hr from Melbourne. Outdoor lovers heaven. Rolling green hills. Amazing Local produce - these are some of the words to describe this area (it's Australia's answer to the beautiful English countryside)

Aberfoyle Park - 30 mins from Adelaide (population 1.3 million). Adelaide boasts a warm Mediterranean climate and some of Australia's best vineyards. Housing costs are significantly lower in Adelaide than in Melbourne and Sydney.

Bunbury - 1.5hrs from Perth this regional hub offers a warm climate, great access to the Margaret River wine region, and affordable options for beachside living. It has a population of 80,000

Canberra - this major city is the capital of Australia and has a population of 400,000. It is 3 hrs from Sydney, 2 hrs from ski fields - offering a wide range of outdoor leisure activities

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